emotional healingEmotional Healing – The New you!

When you are embarking upon a journey of Emotional healing and self-discovery, there may be times when you doubt the road you have taken. We all have a story to tell, a past that has shaped who we are, and emotions that we have worked tirelessly to hide, hoping that we never have to feel their existence.

Some of us spend our lives numbing and hiding our pain, taking great lengths to push our feelings down by supressing and repressing past events, and pretending all is well. For others you may feel that you have “dealt” with your stuff, but deep down you know that they are lingering in the background waiting to be triggered.

These emotions do not stay down for long, and they come back harder and stronger until you give them an audience and listen to what they have to say. Your emotions want to be acknowledged, they want to be heard, they want to be felt, and only then will you be able to let go and be free.

You may find yourself looking back and wondering why on earth did I decide to embark on this treacherous path? I have felt this at one time or another when I was feeling rather delicate. Usually an active person, I learned to slow down and take things more leisurely, which was challenging at first.

My Inner Battle

I struggled to let go as I had an inner battle taking place, where one wanted to rest and the other wanted to continue to work and forget about how I was feeling. I was filled with many tears and laughter from one moment to the next, and sometimes at the same time! It can leave you feeling drained and emotional, but this is a good sign and is a natural reaction in the healing process.

When you let those emotions out, and feel and acknowledge the emotions, you understand them and realise that they aren’t so distressing. Feelings and emotions are a completely natural state of being and in order to heal we must first feel. You can only move forward when you have let go of the past, then you are free forever.

Self-care is crucial during Emotional Healing

During this time self-care is so important, be kind to yourself, take care and put yourself first. Go with the flow of how you are feeling in that very moment. If your body is saying that you need to rest and recharge, listen to it as it knows best!

The reward is greater than the pain, it is so worth it! You learn new things about yourself on this road of self-discovery. You shed parts of yourself that were only holding you back. You release old beliefs and feelings. You let go of the past so that you can be in the present. These are great things that would never have taken place had you not decided to follow your intuition and take this amazing journey.

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