Stop Smoking

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25 minutes is all it takes to become smoke-free forever.

If you are reading this well done! You are either ready to stop smoking and looking for the right support, or maybe you are on the fence and curious to see how hypnosis can help you to stop smoking and see how it really works, either way, you are in the right place.


I know how difficult a journey it can be, the cravings, the mood swings, and the fear of gaining weight. Like many people, I started smoking when I was a teenager, and I continued to smoke for twenty-one years, in between that time, I tried to stop smoking many times. I used a variety of things from going cold turkey and mustering the strength to go two days without smoking, to patches, to gum, back to willpower, then to crisps, biscuits, and chocolate and so on and so forth back to cigarettes again!

After I became a qualified Hypnotherapist my first clients were my partner and myself. We were both ready and we just needed that extra push and support. We wanted to stop for many reasons, money, health, gums and teeth, and the smell of smoke. After the hypnosis session, I felt content and I knew that was it, I was free and in control, something I hadn’t felt for a long time.

Hypnotherapy changed my life; I was able to accomplish something in less than 2 hours that I had fought to do for years!

The battle of the conscious mind

When you try to stop by yourself you are doing so with your conscious mind. When thinking about giving up smoking, images, and thoughts swirl around of holidays, celebrations, nights out, and even having a coffee without a cigarette is enough to push down the brakes and have you retreat from the very thought of giving up cigarettes. Your mind does not want you to stop smoking as smoking is familiar, and your mind loves familiar!

Cigarettes are not a hardcore addiction that society would have you believe. We are not dealing with heroin or crack cocaine where your body develops a physical and psychological dependence on it. You do not go to rehab to get clean, nor does your body break down from a lack of nicotine in your body. You do not have to go to the pharmacy where they will hand you out a little package of nicotine to get you through your withdrawal symptoms as they do with methadone for heroin addicts.

In fact, in some nicotine replacements that are there to help you to stop smoking, there is actually more nicotine in them than there ever was in cigarettes. There are also people that have been able to stop by themselves with no help at all.

Smoking is a habit formed for many at a very early age, but one that can be overcome and eradicated like any other habit. Like all habits, smoking is controlled by the subconscious mind which is where we make the changes using hypnosis.

In this Stop Smoking hypnosis audio, we change not only the habit of action but the habit of thought so that you stay free of smoking for the rest of your life. By going straight to the source which is the subconscious mind we change your beliefs about smoking and create new healthier ways of thinking and acting to becoming and staying a non-smoker.

This Stop Smoking hypnosis audio can help provide a smoother and quicker transition from being a smoker to becoming smoke-free.

Your mind learns by repetition so to fully ingrain and create the permanent change I recommend that you listen to this 25-minute recording once per day for the next 21 days. Feel free to listen to it as much as you like, and if you fall asleep to it don’t worry the changes are still taking place as your subconscious mind is never asleep and hears every word.

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